1) School Admission Campaign:

To encourage the parents of socially and financially disadvantaged families to send their children to school.
Run special programmes during new school term season to identify children of the school age and convince the parents to send their wards to schools. children in the nearest available schools.
Utilise various Government schemes for admission such as scheme for BPL (below poverty line) families

2) School Retention Campaign:

One major objective of the Taleemi Jamaat will be to encourage parents not to pull out their children from schools during primary or secondary classes and each child should complete a minimum of class XII. Taleemi Jamaat committee will coordinate with various schools to identify students who are pulling out at any stage. They will then convince the parents of such students to maintain their children in the school.

3) Evening Libraries:

Run evening libraries in various Muslim localities which will provide local children academic atmosphere for after school hours study which is generally not available at their homes. The current library run by FAITH in Saharanpur is an ideal example of such a programme.

4) Tutorials:

Run special tutorial classes with a minimal charge (or free for the poorer children) 2-3 times a week for children of all classes. In particular, students with high potential should get specialised tutoring with the objective of improving the results and enhance their ability for admission in professional courses.

5) Financial Incentive:

Provide financial assistance to the families who are forced to send young children to work, instead to school, for meeting the family living expenses.

6) Coordination with Muslim Majority Schools in The City:

Hold special meetings with Muslim schools management to ensure that the government funds are utilised in optimum fashion, schools create educational environment and Muslim school results are amongst the best in the town.

7) Coordination with Private Muslim Schools:

Request management of the school to give admission to poor children, waive fee poor children, say 10% of the class or charge disadvantaged children half fee

8) Education Awareness Programme:

Run special campaigns among Muslims to emphasise the importance of education. Many amongst the ordinary Muslims do not see education as the best means of earning a living as a majority of average educated Indians are unable to get a decent job. They need to be told that a Muslim youth will enhance his/her ability to do any form of work or business if he/she has basic education.