According to latest census data released in 2016, 42.7 per cent of Muslims are illiterate compared to 36.4 of Hindus, 32.5 for Sikhs, 28.2 for Buddhists and 25.6 for Christians.
The situation is worse when it comes to higher education. As per government statistics of 2015, Muslims comprise 14% of India’s population but account for 4.4% of students enrolled in higher education.
Prestigious government jobs have very little representation of Muslims. Muslims had been found to be only 3% in the IAS (Indian Administrative Services), 1.8% in the IFS (Indian Foreign Services) and 4% in the IPS (Indian Police Services).
At the same time, Muslims have a very high representation in menial jobs such as rikshaw pullers, handicraft factories workers and other labouring jobs.
Majority of child labour is muslim. They work at our homes, in restaurants, in shops, in factories. Situation is much worse in north India